Econ 200: Introduction to Microeconomics

An introduction to microeconomics, covering opportunity cost, comparative advantage, supply and demand, elasticity, surplus, externalities, labor markets, the theory of the firm, and imperfect competition.

Econ 382: Introduction to Econometrics

An introduction to econometrics, covering linear regression models with OLS, including more advanced topics such as heteroskedasticity and serial correlation.

Econ 396: Introduction to Econometrics

The first course in the Economics Honors Program three-course sequence, Econ 396 introduces honors students to economics research through guest speakers’ presentations of their recent or ongoing work and provides students with opportunities to interact with the research frontier.

Econ 422: Investment, Capital, and Finance

An introduction to financial economics, covering topics such as net present value, internal rate of return, bonds, stocks, options, futures, modern portfolio theory, CAPM, and the efficient market hypothesis.